Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tame the Mane . . . rawr!

As I mentioned in my previous entry, I had went to an End of the Year dinner. I wanted to wear my hair down, since I always wear it up. When I do have my hair down, people who know me ask, "Why don't you wear your hair down more often?" With good reason, you will see shortly. My hair is thick and wavy. I occasionally wear it down wavy, but it seems I have to weigh it down with so much product. Since it is practically summer, no reason in having everything melt under the sun. So I like to have my hair straight with minimal product.

The products used were:
CHI 44 Iron Guard
Redken Outshine 01
Redken Glass 01
CHI Turbo Straightner

I used the CHI Iron Guard spray, then following up with Redken Outshine 01 before blowdrying. The Redken outshine is an anti-frizz polishing milk. It claims to: Defy frizz with super shine and clean definition. Light cream styler with shea butter melts on outspoken shine and smoothness. After blowdrying my hair, I sprayed the CHI Iron Guard prior to straightening my hair. I used my CHI Turbo to get the job done. After an hour of straightening (no joke!), I glossed it up with Redken Glass 01, a smoothing serum. This serum claims to: Kick-up the shine and flatten frizz.

Overall, I am satisfied with these products. Two haircuts ago, the hairdresser used these products and was pleased with the results.

This is after about 10minutes of blowing drying my hair.

Here is a picture at the dinner with this guy. :]

Credit to: Harvey Samaco


mszcheysser said...

Oh my girl!

I thought my hair was big! But look at you! Wooow! :)

Ey, Ey... Who's the guy? Haha.


Janelle said...

My hair is big & poofy too! Thank goodness for hair products & straighteners. Your finished look is pretty & sleek!

Cute pic of you & that guy. ;D

CHOMSIRI said...

whoa! your hair is poofy! :D *touches* my sister's hair is like that too when she blows dry it!

monSTAR said...

omg omg omg guess what?! there's an ULTA opening in short pump!!! i can't believe i haven't been there in that long & when i finally do go, its already almost done! yippee! okay, just wanted to share :]

ghettoflower said...

Awww way to tame the mane!!! Man I need to look into that Japanese Hair Straigtening then I wouldn't have to worry about the poofiness! Have u heard of it? Oh and LOL @ "this" guy hahaha...

mszcheysser said...

AWWW! Hahaha! SORRRRRRY. I'm so slow!